Character design is one of the most exciting creative acts. It’s like giving birth. You can create a new life, a new person. Here are a couple of character design tips to make that process better and fun. Enjoy!

1. Details

Like spices in cooking the details are important in drawing. Your character design will be tasty and catchy. Small elements are a big part of the puzzle. Go to tiny details and bring more taste to your character art with the final touch.

2. Shapes

Pay attention to shapes. It defines a character design to a great extent. Depends on what you want to achieve. If you wont to achieve a friendly and cute character art, go with rounded shapes. Sharp corners use for bad guys πŸ˜‰

3. Be Story Teller ( Personality )

Our history defines our character and personality. Use it for character art. Make a good story for a good character design. What is the past of your character? What’s his day? What does he love? What he’s thinking about? Try to answer these questions.

4. Expressions

Expressions of a face will boost your character design. It will make it more interesting and unique. Try to emphasize the expression more than it is naturally. It’s character art, so play.

5. Shape Of Body

Is your character strong or weak, fast or slow, big or small, old or young? Don’t answer with words, do it with the shape of the body. For example. If it’s strong, use big arms. If it’s weak, draw small and tiny arms. Think about character design this way.

6. Dynamic

People love actions. So, bring the action to your character design. The character doesn’t have to run. It can be sitting or just standing, but find the unusual angles of arms, legs, head, and body. Bring a dynamic to your character art.

7. Colors

Colors will give life to your character art. They will define your style and expression. If you wont to bring life into your character design, let it be colorful. With colors such as yellow and read your drawing will warm and friendly, and if you wont to achieve coldness and distance use blue color.

8. Think about animation

The video plays an increasingly important role in art. Character animation it’s much easier and popular these days. So, try to go further and bring the life to your character design. It will completely change your way of thinking and boos your character art.

9. Character Mission – Goals

As is essential history, the future of character is also important. Create a mission or goal for your character. Like in games. It can help you to add accessories or weapons depending on the mission. It’s the very good tip for your character design.

10. Create an Experiment

You want to create a unique and recognizable character design. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Find a cool staff and implement them in your character art.

11. Be Inspired by environment

Do you need inspiration? Go outside and look around you. Just watch. Focus on the movement of people, expression of the faces. Choose the most interesting person and use these tips to create beautiful character design.

12. Make Them Unique

Usually, people look for inspirations on sites like Pinterest. Don’t do it! Everything is already in your heart. Play music, enjoy and start to draw your character art. Make your character design unique.

13. Research

You can choose two ways for your character design. First, just relax,Β  draw and let it flow. I prefer this way πŸ˜€ Second, research. If you wont to put your character in a certain period. World War II, for example. Investigate all the details that are specific to that period. Clothes, hairstyles, all those little details.

14. Think about your audience

Kids and adults see things differently. Your audience can be divided into many groups. If you work on a big project with your character design, test it before publishing it. Find a few people from your audience group and watch the reactions.

15. Give Your Character a Name

One man told me. “If you don’t want to keep that cat, don’t give her a name” πŸ˜€ It’s true. When you come up with a name, it becomes personal. You’ll get a wish to get to know better your character design. It will boost your inspiration.

16. Clothes & Accessories

The big part of character art. They say clothes are talking about us. So, take a bit of personality and apply it to clothes. If your character is happy, go with cute and colorful details of clothing. Or if its anger, use dark colors with dark details. You can implement different symbols of his personalities. Your character design will be much better with this tip.

17. Environment

Like we are, our character design is a big part of the environment as well. Try to reflect atmosphere from your environment to your character and from character to environment.

18. Concept on Paper

Today there is so many good software that we forget to use paper. It’s like you start to build a house without a plan. The character design is a process. With a pen, we think faster and make a lot of changes. The results will be much better character art. So, don’t forget a paper and pen.

19. Lighting

The lighting is a huge part of character design. You can use it in many ways. You can easily feel an atmosphere in your art, achieve deep of field, emphasize certain parts of the drawing and boos your character design quality.

20. Position of the body

Have you heard about body language? Of course, you are. The movement is like a language. Be willing to explore and implement this in your character design.

21. Texture

I love the texture. There’s something special about it. A few movement of brushes and your character design will explode. Just amazing. Don’t be afraid to try. I even made my custom brushes. Check out here.

22. Style

Every human on the planet is unique. Everyone. It means that you have your unique style. You need to explore and practice a lot. Copy other artists if necessary, and you will begin to recognize your style of character design. When that happens, increase speed πŸ˜€

23. Boost Everything

The character art should be fun and relaxing. So, play with your character design. Increase every important part of it. It will be fun, and it will give a special charm to a character.

24. Draw it 100 times

If you delete your character design right after you draw it and draw it again, the second draw will be much better. Imagin if you do this 100 times πŸ˜€ Booom!!! You will boost your character design like a rocket. So, if you want to create something special, do it!

25. Draw a character design in different moments

Your character can de happy, sad, angry, excited and so on, but we usually stuck with one moment. This is very important part of character design. It will give you a whole new perspective and help you get deeper into your art.

26. Silhouettes

Silhouette can significantly describe your character design. This procedure can help you to see a form of character art much better. So, try to use this method in the process of your creating.

27. Drawing what you feel

Very important tip! Lisen your emotions. If you are sad, create sad character design. If you are excited, reflect it on your art. Your emotions are the powerful tool!

28. Angles of the Body

Don’t think flat, even if you create a flat character. πŸ™‚ So, draw it with several sides. When you draw character design from the backside, you will get a few ideas how to improve your character from the front side. The character art will look more realistic. This will improve your skills significantly.

29. Open your mind

Yes! Open your mind. Don’t stack with the same knowledge. Be willing to explore. Every time draw something new and boost your skills. Knowledge is your best tool, so invest in it.

30. Move the boundaries

Ok, now draw a character art with current knowledge and skills. After that draw it again and try to implement these tips, and move the boundaries πŸ˜‰
The best is yet to come, so stay tuned πŸ˜‰