More Details. More Fun.

You will amazingly increase the quality of your illustration by adding numerous details and depth of field. For that, you’ll need a good color range and shades. These colors offer you exactly that. The Master Color Pack includes over 120 beautiful flat design colors.

Become the master of your soul!

The colors are the reflection of our soul, so let your soul live in the most beautiful colors. I’ve been collecting these colors for years and I am happy to share the reflection of my soul with you. Skip all these steps and bring the magic in your illustration right now.

Pack Includes:

Over 120 beautiful colors. You will get an .ase file with instructions how to import the colors into Adobe Illustrator. The pack includes the .jpg and .eps files as well.

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Gigantic Master Colors

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Gigantic Wiggle Font

Use it as a regular or wiggle font. Show your uniqueness.

Gigantic Pattern Backgrounds

The fastest way to finish your art. One-click only.

Mark’s Basic Brushes Pack

Beautiful brushes for sketching, coloring, and textures.

Gigantic Master Colors v.2

I've been collecting these colors for years and I am happy to share with you.


Over 450 high-quality vector illustrations.

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