Introduction to the Course

In this course I will show you fast and easy way to learn a lot. After finishing it you will only need a couple more hours of exercise and you’ll be able to draw anything you want. Even if you’re an absolute beginner, your drawings will look like you have many years of an experience. After that we will go even further and learn some basics of animation. With these skills your knowledge will be much more valuable. You will find a job easily, enjoy in your creativity and be inspired to learn more and be worthy even more.

Part 1: Learn to Draw a Character

In the first part of the course I will teach you how to draw a character using the easiest and fastest possible way. But the best part is that through this process you’ll learn to use tools which will help you to draw anything you want. Character design will be only a great start. This type of drawing doesn’t even require experience. You’ll use three geometric forms to draw everything. With this technique your drawing can’t look bad. You will be satisfied at the end.

Part 2: Preparing Character for Animation

It’s a beautiful feeling when you give your character part of your own personality, but if you breathe life into it and make it alive, that’s a real thing.  First of all, character need some preparation.  In this part of the course you’ll go through that process. It’s an easy process that will help you enormously later.

Part 3: Character Rigging with Bones

This is the most interesting part of the tutorial. It’s beautiful to look at your creation starting to move and become alive. In this part, I’ll teach you how to put together every part of the character, implant skeleton into it and prepare it for the first step. After that your character will be ready for action. When you get familiar with the process and see how easy it is, your creativity will explode. You will become aware that you have just mastered the skills with which you’ll be able to do many things. I will give you the key to the treasure.

Part 4: Walking Cycle

In the last part of the tutorial on the example of the walking cycle I will show you how to make a real animation. This type of the animation is considered complicated, but my passion will make it simple and easy. Hence, I created instructions you need to follow in order to create a perfect animation in only a few minutes. There is no easier way. You can move keypoints later and give your personal touch to the character motion.

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