Flat design is one of the most beautiful things that happened to me. I learned that beauty is in simplicity. I’m not just creating with flat design techniques I live flat design. My life is simple and beautiful, colored with incredible colors πŸ˜‰ Enjoy!

Flat Design Tips

1. Keep It Simple

It’s the beauty of the flat design. Everything is so clean and simple but still looks irresistible. This simplicity is the reason why you can find the flat design in almost every visual identity these days. If you want to create icons, web template, character design or every type of illustration, flat design is the answer. It’s easy and beautiful way to bring the life into your creation. So, keep it simple, it’s the beauty of the flat design.

2. Be Precise

With flat design drawing is easy, but you can still find good and not so good flat design artists. Why? Good flat design artists are more precise than other. It’s just a matter of experience. If you want to become good, practice every day. With experience, you will learn how to find the right balance between shapes and colors. Because of that, “Be Precise” is so crucial in flat design.

3. Geometric Shapes

Shapes πŸ˜€ My favorite part of the flat design. I love to sketch on the paper, tablet, and phone, but I don’t remember when I used the Pen Tool in Adobe Illustrator. πŸ™‚ My drawing process becomes so simple when I sailed in the world of flat design. I usually use the Rectangle Tool, Rounded Rectangle Tool, and Ellipse Tool in Adobe Illustrator. That’s it. All my flat design illustrations are made from just three simple shapes. So if you want to achieve precise and clean flat design, use these three geometric forms. Here you can check out my illustrations.

Flat Design Tips

4. Flat Design Colors

Colors are the soul of flat design. Maybe you’ve noticed that flat design artists use specific colors for illustrations. One more thing which makes the flat design so special. If you want to achieve that level of beauty, use pastel colors. The colors are very important to me, so I’ve been collecting various colors for years until I’ve made a perfect flat design colors collection. If you want to use my colors for your flat design illustrations, check out here.

5. Don’t Use Effects ( Gradient, Glow, Blur, Drop Shadow )

If you want to be consistent with your flat design style, don’t use effects such as gradient, glow, blur or drop shadow on the traditional way. It can destroy the charm of the flat design. With flat design, you can achieve the same effect in a much easier way and keep your flat design safe. I will talk more about it down below.

6. Long Shadows

One of the ways to keep your flat design safe and simple is long flat design shadow. It’s very recognizable in the flat design. You can create the long shadow easily, and it will give a special final touch to your creation. Here you can see the difference between traditional shadow and flat design long shadow.

Flat Design Tips

7. Cut Shadows

If you want to boost your flat design a bit, use cut shadows. I created a Gigantic 2.0 style, where you can see how I use the flat design cut shadows. Why cut? I’m trying to avoid effects such as gradient, so I cut the object and shapes to achieve a 3d look and keep flat design safe. It’s an easy process. Just a few steps and your flat design will look boosted and irresistible.

8. Make A Glow

The glow is important as long and cut shadows in flat design. These things are the small tricks which can help you to launch your flat design to a higher level. If you want to achieve the flat design glow effect you can use Divide Tool in Pathfinder or Masks ( Adobe Illustrator Software ). So, if you create a shiny surface in your flat design illustration, use this type of glow πŸ˜‰

Flat Design Tips

9. Animation Friendly

Animation can be hard, but with simple illustration, the animation will be simpler as well. It’s the main reason why you can find out som many good flat design animations. It’s just perfect for motion design. You can animate simple flat design elements or flat character, your animation process will be easy in any case. If you want to become animation artist, learn flat design. It will make your life easier and your creation beautiful. Here you can learn the whole process from drawing to advanced animation. You will become the advanced flat designer in just three weeks.

10. What is Important?

If things are simple, it’s easy to emphasize what is important. The flat design is perfect for this tip. Everything is clean. You can’t find unnecessary details and objects in the flat design. With long shadow and glow effect, you can boost important aspect easily. One more thing why the flat design is soo good.Β  I discovered the flat design a five years ago, and I am still in love with it πŸ˜‰

11. Like a Sketch

The first thing you’ll hear about flat design is to KEEP IT SIMPLE. How? Try to create a sketch on paper, just from geometric shapes and simple lines. It can help you a lot. For good flat design illustration, the sketch is crucial. Make simple children’s sketches. Play with it. When you convert your simple draw to vectors in Adobe Illustrator, your flat design creation will be professional and beautiful. Flat design it’s the fastest way to convert simple draw from paper to perfect vector art.

12. Use Right Fonts

As you already know the flat design is the specific style. So if you want it to stay flat, use right fonts. You need to learn how to make a difference between Serif Fonts and SANS Serif Fonts. For the flat design use Sans Fonts. It’s a logical explanation. Much less detail! Serif is a small line attached to the end of a stroke in a letter or symbol. Too much of everything. Flat design requires a minimal style, so use sans serif fonts. Here check out the fonts which you can fit into you flat design.

Flat Design Tips

13. Icons

Icons are the most favorite part of the flat design. The icon needs to be simple as the flat design. It needs to have the same characteristic as the flat design. So, if you want to learn the flat design, start with simple forms such as icons.

14. Responsive Design

First icons, then websites. Flat design sites are very popular. They are colored with beautiful flat design colors, created with simple elements such as icons, avatars, small geometric elements, and effects. The most significant way you can find the flat design in web design is Responsive Elements. It’s easy to manipulate with flat design elements. Flat design is everywhere these days πŸ˜‰ So, start to learn it. There will be plenty of time here. The flat design is not just a trend.

15. Flat 2.0

Ok, it’s time to go further with flat design. The FLAT 2.0 is a combination of flat design shapes, colors, long shadows and cut shadows. If you want to be a part of modern flat design movement, use the Flat 2.0 style. Here I will show you how to make differences between Flat 1.0 and Flat 2.0 styles. It’s not the most important thing in the world, but if you want to learn flat design, it’s good to know.

16. A Texture in Flat Design?

One of my favorite tips πŸ™‚ As I said before, try to avoid effects such as gradient, drop shadow or blur in flat design. BUT, I made a little experiment. I created the Magic Gigantic Brushes. Whit these brushes I can keep all flat design performance and boost my flat design illustration. So, with right tools, you can use a texture and keep the flat design safe. Check out my brushes here.

Flat Design Tips

17. Multiplay Layers

Multiplay Layers are the great way to create a deep field in the flat design. This method will give your flat design illustration 3d feel as well. I usually use the layers for the background. Multiplay layers are good for shadows as well. Just copy the object, move it a bit and paint in darker color. Flat design is so simple, but you can find 100 ways to play and improve it.

Flat Design Tips

18. Outline Flat Design

One more way to play with the flat design. You will love this combination of lines and geometric shapes. I recommended playing with simple flat shapes at the beginning, and later you can add outlines. This is another way to demonstrate your flat design skills. If you want to research this part of the flat design, try to use “flat design outline” keyword.
Flat Design Tips

19. Fit Into Geometric Shapes

A popular way to create a better flat design illustration is to fit your art into geometric shapes. The flat designer usually uses this for icons and flat design avatars. It’s the cool tip if you want to create a brochure or flat website. The flat design style has very recognizable elements, and this is one of them. If you want to achieve very flat design illustration, try to implement as much as you can of these elements.

Flat Design Tips

20. Flat Design Effects ( Stars and Circles Around Objects )

When you finish you flat design art, it’s time for decoration. πŸ™‚ If you want to add a small detail and still keep flat design style, this tip is for you. I usually use simple forms to create elements such as circle, star, plus sign and so on. Just use flat design colors, and geometric shapes and you flat art will be safe. Enjoy your flat design. πŸ˜‰
Flat Design Tips


I’ve been in flat design for a long time, and this is all that you need to become flat design ninja πŸ˜‰ Just read all and more importantly try to implement these tips in your work. Peace