Gigantic Master Colors V.2

Warning: Gigantic Master Colors can deliver more likes to your artwork than you can imagine.

The Color Palette Is Designed To Help You To Get Beautiful Art FAST. 

It's impossible to create bad art with this palette. I used these colors as a secret weapon when I want to achieve fast and effective results. With these carefully selected colors, I easily WOW-ed every client. It's like magic, and now YOU CAN HAVE IT.

101 Colors You Must Have Before You Start To Draw.

( Pastel Colors Will Blow Your Mind! )

If the colors dictate the mood of the art, here, you will get the best mood that you can find, guaranteed. I tried thousands of different colors and combinations, and this pallet transforms my illustrations every time. You will get a wide range of colors here, and pastel colors will blow your mind! Download now, and you're done with searching for great colors. You are just one click away.

Pack Includes:

101 beautiful colors. You will get an .ase file with instructions on how to import the colors into Adobe Illustrator. The pack includes the .jpg and .eps files as well.

Download Now For $25

Gigantic Master Colors v.2

Gigantic Master Colors

I've been collecting these colors for years and I am happy to share with you.

Gigantic Stitch Effect

It's amazing how much you can do with a few clicks.

Mark’s Basic Brushes Pack

Beautiful brushes for sketching, coloring, and textures.

Gigantic Wiggle Font

Use it as a regular or wiggle font. Show your uniqueness.


Over 450 high-quality vector illustrations.

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